Your Townsville Solar and Electrical Specialist

Family owned, local and trusted

Grid Connected and Off Grid Battery Systems

We are Tesla Accredited

Finance available through Brighte Green Loans

Barra Electricals’ lead installer, James Laycock, has been specialising exclusively in Solar Power installations for 10 years with combined industry experienced staff exceeding 50 years.

Our team’s take pride in all our work. You wont find a better company who care and will still be here in years to come. We are committed to a quality approach to our systems and our people and will continue to strive in reducing your energy cost and carbon footprint.

We can supply and install a number of different systems, so we can guarantee to design a system that meets your needs including grid connected, or off grid battery solar systems.

Our aim is to take the confusion out of buying solar for your home or business.

At the end of the installation we give you and your family a real understanding of how to best use the solar power you produce by your system.

Don’t be the victim of high-pressure sales tactics, use a truly local reputable company. We source our panels and inverters from local suppliers to keep the profits and jobs local all the way through the supply chain.


Accurate Quoting

When you get a quote from Barra Electrical and Solar, your quote will be;

  • Accurate for your installation
  • Show full savings achievable
  • List Benefits
  • Contain Roof Plan using advanced satellite imaging

We guarantee your price will not change once quoted.

Best Quality Solar Panels

We use Canandian Panels, Seraphim Panels, Longi Panels, Q Cell Panels and Jinko.

Residential Solar

We install Solar at residential properties on a house or shed from 1kw system upwards

Commercial Solar

We can install large scale systems up to 1mw on roofs or free standing

Barra Electrical Monitoring

You have access to view your energy production and savings with our software

Energy Smart Audits

See how you can reduce your energy use through smart systems

Underground Services

Underground cabling and services installation

Switchboard Upgrades

Upgrades to existing switchboards with circuit breakers and safety switches.

Power to Pool Pumps

Connecting Power to Pool Pumps

Service Work

Electrical Service and Repair work.